Demolition and dismanteling projects are always seen as dangerous. We strive to reassure our clients and therefore we improve our company each year on organisational and structural basis, by investing and taking actions with contribute to Health, Safety and Environment. Important actions and investments are: training (general and specific on client demand), investments in machines (R&D, new technologies available), toolbox, installing permanent audit systems, ...

HSE is an attitude, a way of living that Martens Demolition Company projects this by vision, trained and experienced staff and special engineered equipment. Our main objective is ZERO accidents.

A detailed analysis of the risks, a profound preparation of the project and a thourough execution by specialised workers contribute to the achievement of every project within the highest HSE norms. Our stong organistation allows us to offer our clients solutions to all their problems, limitations, needs.

Martens Democom has therefore the highest certifications possible:

- VCA Petrochemie: Security
- ISO 9001: Quality
- ISO 14001: Environment
- Qualibat 7-05: removal of asbestos (only in Belgium)