Our equipment is disigned and engeneered by specialists to minimalize the risks for the workers. As little as possible human intervention is needed at heights and in depths. 

Through the constant renewal of our equipment's, we can offer a reliable, safe and flexible service with quality standards.

The newest machines and their accessoires are for multi use and the strongest in their category.

Constant optimisation of our equipment lets us maintain our strong position in the industrial demolition market. Furthermore our operators remain motivated and stimulated.

Our equipments are developed to perform the demolition and dismantling projects at the safest and advanced manner. This specialized equipment is well maintained: the combination of perfectly maintained equipment and the right method statements allows us to minimise costs. 


In August 2019 our demolition dragon: a supersophisticated, tailor- made Hitachi KMC 1200S is delivered and started to demolish at Luxemburg.

This 1200S is currently being repaired and rebuilt.


A new Hitachi ZX890 LHC 6A was delivered in February 2021

At the end of 2022, we expect the delivery of a brand new Hitachi 1200, converted into a high reach demolition monster. 

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