Asbestos removal

Since 2009 Martens Demolition Company is recognised by the government for the removal of all kinds of asbestos.

With a team of specialised sanitisers we carry out the work entirely in-house.

From June 2019, MDC strengthens its asbestos removal activities through the acquisition of Sodec

Sodec is a recently established French company specialized in removal of industrial asbestos applications with a valid certification for the entire range of asbestos types (friable, non-friable). The company is based in the region of Thionville (FR) and counts 10 staff members with a yearly turnover of 1 million Euro.
As a company we consider this expansion as a next step of international growth and further horizontal integration of our portfolio, where we aspire to keep on investing  in the execution of dismantling and demolition projects with an optimal management of health and environment by
- Offering an integrated solution for demolition projects
- Maximal emphasis on mechanical demolition
- Profound specialization in decommissioning, dismantling
Together with our actual crew of experienced demolition personnel and asbestos removal teams we hope to be of service to our clients, both in civil and industrial projects.

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Demolition of powerplant GDF Suez Electrabel

The powerplant was shut down in 2011. We began the demolition of the whole site in march 2013, including the demolition of two smoke stacks of 140 meter. Large machinery on site: Hitachi 120 triple, Hitachi 870 with telescopic boom of 50 meter, Komatsu 1250 with tool of 15 ton.

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