Company statement

The safety and health of our employees and the care for the environment are basic values and of upmost for the success of Martens Demolition Company. A positive attitude and an active role of all our employees are vital for achieving the continuous improvement of our safety performances and quality assurances.

We target: no accidents, no complaints and no damage to the environment.

To achieve these goals we strive to implement the following principles:

  • • The prevention of accidents, incidents and damage to the environment are the direct responsibilities of all our employees, the stakeholders and all third parties who work for our company.
  • • Our risk analysis is dynamic: we detect risks and take into account all internal and external factor which could determine/influence the risks. We strive for an up to date risk inventory and evaluation and we take all necessary precautions to master or limit these risks.
  • • Continuous improvement demands personal commitment of everybody within the company.
  • • Applying the safety rules are an essential condition for ongoing employment.
  • • Each project has to be carefully planned, organized and executed. All employees at each level of the organization have to be involved.
  • • All instruments, machinery, tools have to be used and maintained professionally
  • • Reporting, investigating and learning from all significant events.
  • • Reflecting health and safety considerations in business decisions
  • • The continuous improvement of the knowledge and competences of each person is critical for the process of continuous improvement of our HSE achievements
  • • Utilizing competent health and safety advise, information and support
  • • Complying with Health and Safety Management system, industry standards and all applicable legislative requirements
  • • Strive to excel the expectations and needs of our clients
  • • We want to look further than our direct environment and be aware of all external factors that influence or are of importance for our projects. We pay attention to communication with internal and external stakeholders.

We will achieve these goals by means of open communication and the cooperation of all our employees. We will speak and help each other in open dialogues.
We are confident that a safe, responsible and efficient way of working will contribute to job satisfaction and good fellowship.