staal factory in France


The demolition of the steel plant in Gandrange FR started in April 2020 and is still ongoing A team of 6 burners and 4 demolition cranes is continuously present

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RWE Bergen op Zoom

Bergen op Zoom - NL

demolition of a power plant of the RWE group

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Manoir Industries

Bouzonville - FR

Demolition of industrial shed after fire

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demolition of the FOSS

Sugermill Tienen, B

Demolition of a testbuilding for productionunits. This building was 24m high and build on extremely heavy steal constructions

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high reach demolition of abbatoir in Mersch

Mersch, Luxemburg

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Gustav Knepper Power Station

Dortmund, Germany

former powerplant Hagedorn at Dortmund, our Hitachi 870 UHD is present

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Total demolition of the Twinerg steam and gas plant

Twinerg, Esch-sur-Alzette, GH Luxemburg

kick off in May 2018, end of work in February 2019!

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Demolition bunker Dusseldorf


Demolition of bunker second world war

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demolition of a glass factory de Saint Gobain

Auvelais, BE


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high reach demolition of offices in Germany

Münster - N Northrijn Westfalen - Germany

2017 - demolition with Hitachi 870 commissioned by Stricker.

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Demolition conveyor Ford


For our customer Ford Genk, we demolish a conveyor with a total length of 900 meters. The conveyor was the liaison between the customer and the suppliers.

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Demolition cooling tower

Mosacier, Sclessin , Luttich

Demolition of the 46m high cooling tower.

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Demolition of bucket digger

Gaurain Ramecroix Belgium

The digger was never used. The site on which the machine was located, would be explored in the near future.

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Demolition of steel mill

Steel factory mill

The project relates to the demolition of a steel mill. Large machinery in place: Komatsu 1250 with iron cutter of 25 tonnes, Hitachi 870 with demoltion boom of 50 meters.

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Demolition of powerplant GDF Suez Electrabel

Kallo, Belgium

The powerplant was shut down in 2011. We began the demolition of the whole site in march 2013, including the demolition of two smoke stacks of 140 meter. Large machinery on site: Hitachi 120 triple, Hitachi 870 with telescopic boom of 50 meter,...

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Demolition of sunk boat Ameranto


The boat has sunk in front of the shores of Egypt. Our sister company, Heavy Decom International, has cut the boat using the Hitachi 1200 triple.

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Baltic Ace

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Demolition of refurbish ovens

Tessenderlo Chemie

After the removal of the asbestos, we demolished the 9 refurnish ovens. Machinery used during the demolition: - 2 * Hitachi 470 - Hitachi 870 HRD with heavy duty boom - Hitachi 350

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Demolition of cooling tower

Sugarmill Tienen

Demolition of 44 meter high cooling tower withe Hitachi 870 telescopic boom 46 meter

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Demolition Hotel Dortmund


Demolition Hotel Dortmund

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Demolition of appartment

Hêtre Pourpre France

Demolition of appartment 50 meters high

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Demolition office building Philips Eindhoven

Philips Eindhoven

Demolition office building Philips Eindhoven

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Demolition of boiler Brouhon

Aurubis Olen

Demolition of hanging boiler, fabricated by Brouhon.

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Sugarmill Frasnes

Frasnes les Buissonal

Demolition of sugar plant

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